When we first Launched K D A Y LIVE.COM, it was obvious that we wanted to reach a vast majority of Listeners through the Sound Of Gospel Music.

Although we understood that as we Lifted up the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that He would draw all men unto Himself.  We also knew that it was also imperative to utilize every means possible to share the Gospel through Music Ministry.  

Knowing that, combined with my love for music, it occurred to me that music is the International Lagrange of the world. They teach us that in music education in any form.  Reaching others through music that is also soothing and pleasing would attract those that might not yet know Him, while at the same time, providing a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing sound for those who did.

Well, if you have to listen to other music, why not Inspirational and Smooth Jazz.


I listened to some tracks from this young man through a Broadcaster's Site for Music Review, and was impressed. I quickly messaged him to share my thoughts on his Music.  I was like thrilled to receive his project and couldn't wait to get the music entered into the system.  Meantime, I started seeing some quick pop up spots on Facebook and I was hooked again.  You can almost feel the music coming through the page.  His music is available on all of the usual electronic outlets.

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